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DTS migration to SSIS

From Tom Rizzo’s blog, here is some news
I knew I would have to go looking for sooner or later but I just
haven’t had time to go research SSIS regarding what’s going to be
involved in converting DTS packages.

Q) How do I move to SSIS?
It’s a migration.  We have a migration wizard that will take your
DTS packages and migrate them to SSIS.  The thing you have to
remember is that SSIS is not a minor upgrade to DTS.  It’s a
re-write to make SSIS super scalable and have great performance and
functionality.  The good thing is that we still ship the DTS 2000
runtime in certain versions of SQL Server 2005 so you can continue to
run your DTS packages even as part of a SSIS workflow.

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  1. SSIS Guy says:

    incase any body interested to Migrate DTS Packages to SSIS … try DTS xChange


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