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Work for a Microsoft Certified Partner? Get discounts on your MCP exams!

So here is some good news if you work for a Microsoft Certified Partner company. You can now get discounts on your MCP exams. Microsoft Corporation is offering Microsoft Certified Professional, Microsoft Partner Competency and Microsoft Business Solutions exams at … Continue reading 

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Congrats to Carrie Underwood and a short discussion on an internet voting system

Always great when a fellow Oklahoman does something wonderful.  Big shout out and congratulations to Carrie Underwood for winning this year’s American Idol. To make this post a bit technical, American Idol had over 500 million votes this season.  Really … Continue reading 

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The last tool you’ll ever need to profile your managed code – ANTS Profiler from Red-Gate

As so many of us know, Red-Gate has some really awesome database tools.  The Compare and Data Compare tools are totally awesome and I don’t know how I’d do many of the things I do without those tools.  Well, I know … Continue reading 

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Dale Michalk on BizTalk 2004 for Developers

On Monday, June 6th, Dale Michalk will be in Oklahoma City presenting on BizTalk server 2004. BizTalk Server 2004 is a server product from Microsoft that helps customers integrate systems, employees, and partners through business processes that are orchestrated in … Continue reading 

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I will be at DevCon 2005 in Dallas

If anybody is going to be at DevCon 2005 in Dallas on June 16th, let me know.  I’d love to put some faces to some names.

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This is funny and I had to share it

I’ve been away most of this week, kinda “vacationing”.  I’ve been working in the mornings and taking the afternoons off.  I went fishing on Tuesday, golfing on Wednesday, saw Star Wars yesterday and will be fishing this afternoon.  Lots of … Continue reading 

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Updated random password or string generator in T-Sql for Sql Server

Here is an updated version of my random string or password generator for T-Sql, made into a stored procedure with some other modifications. The stored procedure /**************************************************************************** Created By: Raymond Lewallen* Date:  05/16/2005* Purpose: Generate a random string of given length** Comments: Everything is self-explanatory.  Right now*  max length … Continue reading 

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Sql Server script to automate the removal of logins

Here is another one of those files that just floats around in a SqlScripts directory on my computer. I’ve found this script useful many times. This was written by Clinton Herring many moons ago. This script will remove a login … Continue reading 

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Visual Studio 2005 IDE Automatically Produces Code to Implement IDisposable

Here’s a neat little thing about Visual Studio 2005 IDE for Visual Basic.Net.  When you implement the IDisposable interface, the following code is automatically created for you.  This is different from other interfaces in that only the code stubs/shell (empty … Continue reading 

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Sql Server 2005: xp_cmdshell is turned off? what?

So if you have played around much with Sql Server 2005, you may have noticed something peculiar.  Ok, several things that are peculiar, but I’m only going to mention one.  Have you tried to execute xp_cmdshell?  When you do, you’ll get … Continue reading 

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