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My overall top 30 draft picks in Fantasy Football 2005

Updates: Top 20 Fantasy Quarterbacks for 2005 Based on TD Projections Top 20 Fantasy Running Backs for 2005 Based on TD Projections Top 20 Fantasy Wide Receivers for 2005 Based on TD Projections Top 10 Fantasy Tight Ends for 2005 … Continue reading 

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Chris Kinsman in Oklahoma City this coming Monday August 1st

  Monday, August 01, 2005 (PST) – August 2005 Meeting speaker: Chris Kinsman location: Hometown Buffet-North(Lunch – $3.50 Coupon) & Oklahoma City Downtown Library(Dinner – free pizza) Currently – Using Enterprise Library with ASP.NET  Chris Kinsman is one of the … Continue reading 

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Trying to pick my fantasy football keeper player

I’m in a keeper fantasy league.  Our rules state that I can keep any 1 player, tagging that player with a franchise tag, for up to 3 years.  This only applies to players drafted in the 6th round or later.  … Continue reading 

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Boxing and Unboxing for Beginners

Value types are created on the stack.  Reference types are created on the heap.  When something is created on the heap (an object) the variable assigned to that object holds a 4 byte “pointer” to the address space on the … Continue reading 

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Taking responsibility for plagarism

Its nice to see SqlServerCentral taking responsibility and dealing with plagarism in a straight-forward manner. Hopefully something bad is happening to Kalpesh Thaker, the mentioned plagarist. I would like to personally and on behalf of Andy, Brian, and apologize … Continue reading 

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My top 5 picks in category for Fantasy Football 2005

Its that time.  NFL Fantasy Football is just around the corner.  Those of you who know me personally know that fantasy football is very important to me, and I invest a lot of time and money into it.  Every year … Continue reading 

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Yes, I’ve joined Project FAZR.

So, I’m the first person to be onboard with Project FAZR.  Brady Gaster is the second. Both Ryan and I are located in the same city, so its going to be easy for us to get together on a frequent … Continue reading 

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Wincv – The Windows Forms Class Viewer

Saw a funny post on this blog earlier, and thought maybe a lot of people don’t know about the tools in SDK.  One of them is wincv, and if you don’t know about wincv.exe, you’ve been missing out.  If you … Continue reading 

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Crop circle speculation

If you know much about the research and studies done on crop circles, check out this article.  Could an orbiting satellite of the same nature be the source for crop circles?  Seems likely when looking at research.  Research says that … Continue reading 

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Using Devenv at the command prompt to build projects

We all know about NAnt, MsBuild and some other build tools.  People are very aware of these, but seem to be unaware that you can create your own build batch file just by using visual studio and the command prompt. … Continue reading 

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