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David Yack in Oklahoma City July 14th

Thursday, July 14, 2005
Speaker: David Yack
Location: Hometown Buffet-North(Lunch) & Oklahoma City Downtown Library(Dinner – free pizza)

The DataSet/ DataTable Unleashed

Let’s discuss the best uses for the power of the DataTable and the
DataSet. Let’s learn how to use Data Relations in your applications,
load data from multiple sources and treat them as a single source, walk
through the table-row hierarchy, use advanced functions like Merge to
combine related data and how to save hours of development time with

 ADO.NET is an abstraction layer for accessing a data store,
extracting data, creating in-memory relations, searching, sorting,
manipulating and saving data in most any way you need. We will use many
code examples to demonstrate the power of ADO.NET — all based upon
real application experiences.

David is a .NET MVP and president of Colorado Technology Consultants
in Colorado.  With over 18 years of industry experience, David
enjoys developing applications for both the Windows and UNIX platforms,
specializing in large system architecture and design.  David
embraced .NET early on and has been helping clients migrate and build
applications, as well as mentor and train their staffs.  David is
a frequent speaker at user group and industry events.

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