My top 5 picks in category for Fantasy Football 2005

Its that time.  NFL Fantasy Football is just around the
corner.  Those of you who know me personally know that fantasy
football is very important to me, and I invest a lot of time and money
into it.  Every year I even fly half way across the U.S. for a big
live draft party (I used to live in California and am still part of
that league, which is my biggest, most important and largest money
league).  The rest of the leagues I am in are online, except one
free league with 7 other guys from work.

So what is my rundown for this year?  Stricly from my
California league point-of-view, which is touchdown only league, these
are my top 5 picks in their respective categories:


  • Manning – no brainer
  • Culpepper – won’t perform as well without Moss
  • McNabb – will put up last years numbers with T.O.
  • Favre – always solid.  Walker will be there for the start of the season.
  • Green – Healthy Holmes will help him

Running Backs

  • Tomlinson – #1 overall pick of all drafts
  • Alexander – will settle his contract disputes
  • Holmes – 32 years old, but still a difference maker.
  • McGahee – Will improve on last year
  • James – Has something to prove for a big contract next year

Wide Receivers

  • R. Moss – Can perform on most teams.
  • Harrison – Is no longer the only target for Manning.
  • Owens – He’ll play, but will it be for Philly?
  • Wayne – Manning looks for him often.
  • Holt – Always Bulger’s first choice.

Tight Ends

  • Gates – Can’t reproduce last years numbers, but still a great TE.
  • Gonzales – Still the best in the business, but can’t get the TDs Gates will get.
  • Crumpler – Vick will continue to look for him.
  • Witten – Will duplicate last years numbers.
  • Clark – Another favorite target of Manning.


  • Vinateri – Clincher.
  • Akers – Will get lots of attempts.
  • Vanderjagt – Solid year after year.
  • Elam – Solid pick
  • Stover – Another solid kicker year after year.

Defense/Special Teams

  • Patriots
  • Ravens
  • Bills
  • Falcons
  • Kansas City
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3 Responses to My top 5 picks in category for Fantasy Football 2005

  1. lolbus says:


  2. He is suspect a bit without Moss. But I can’t rank him down lower, because even with Moss gone 6 games and not 100% in others, he still had statistically one of the best seasons for a quarterback in NFL history. I also think he may be geared up for a McNair type season where he is going to miss 3 or 4 games due to injury. Pure speculation though. Burleson, Robinson and Campbell certainly are good receivers and help keep Culpepper in the top 3, I just don’t anticipate the 39 passing touchdowns he had last year, but something closer to 30, assuming he does miss 3 games.

  3. Steve Hebert says:

    I noticed you mentioned that Culpepper is a high pick but qualify that without Moss he’s suspect. I think he’s going to be better without Moss – during his games without Moss he spreads the ball around more and doesn’t hold onto the ball as long which has been a major rub against him (that and small hands that lead to fumbles). As a die-hard Packer fan, talking positive about any Viking player is hard to do – but I do think Culpepper’s going to be a better quarterback especially in mixed touchdown/yardage leagues.

    IMHO, I’m still not sure if Tice is the right coach for Culpepper and the Vikes – his ‘get the ball to Randy x% of the time’ was a really brain-dead move. Tice played right into Moss’ character flaws and created a worse situation for all the other players and especially Culpepper.

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