Trying to pick my fantasy football keeper player

I’m in a keeper fantasy league.  Our rules state that I can
keep any 1 player, tagging that player with a franchise tag, for up to
3 years.  This only applies to players drafted in the 6th round or
later.  Here are my choices

  • Eli Manning
  • Rod Smtih
  • Anthony Becht
  • Adam Vnateri
  • Buccaneers Defense/Special Teams
  • LaMont Jordan
  • Keyshawn Johnson
  • Billy Cundiff

To me, this is a no brainer.  I’m keeping Jordan.  Of
course, holding onto Vinateri isn’t so bad a thing, but kickers are
easy to come by and Vinateri is really a 7th or 8th round pick, as most
kickers are.  Jordan can go as high as the 3rd round, and since he
is slated to be the starting running back on a much improved offensive
squad (additions of Randy Moss and Norv Turner), holding onto him seems
to be the best option.  Here is the latest fantasy outlook on

Jordan signed with Oakland in the offseason and
will serve as the team’s No. 1 running back. A bruiser who is a perfect
fit for the Raiders’ offense, Jordan has a fantastic chance to join
Emmitt Smith, Stephen Davis, LaDainian Tomlinson and Ricky Williams on
the list of backs who have found success under head coach and offensive
coordinator Norv Turner. Oakland’s pass attack could be one of the
league’s best with the addition of superstar wide receiver Randy Moss,
so the opposition will have little chance to focus on Jordan with
constant stacked fronts on the line of scrimmage. Barring injuries, the
former Maryland back should rush for 1,200-plus yards and seven to nine
touchdowns and is worth early-round consideration.

I’m still concerned that he may only touch the ball 15–20 times per
game because of Collins hooking up with Moss and Porter often, but
Turner is a ground game coach.  With any draft pick, including
your keepers, the game of football involves a lot of gambling and even
more luck.

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2 Responses to Trying to pick my fantasy football keeper player

  1. I keep thinking about keeping Vinateri, but I’m usually one to start the “run” on kickers around the 8th round, so I’m going to get 1 of the top 5. I can keep Jordan, and depening on my draft position, I may try to fill 2 starters above him and use Jordan as solid backup. I’ll find out my draft position next week when we draw lottery numbers for our position. That’s also when we turn in our franchise players, and the start of some seriously hardcore research and time investment.

  2. Vinateri is *guaranteed* numbers. I’d be afraid of a RB in oakland norv or not. You don’t acquire a randy moss and then start playing smashmouth football, and the o-line is still predominantly pass protection oriented.

    Bucs def/spec teams is still pretty hardcore. Seems like a tough decision.

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