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Quantum componentry in your computers – super computers on the way!

Received an email from a guy I know through our blogs and the shared blogs we follow regarding quantum computing.  I posted awhile back on quantum cryptography. If you haven’t seen some of what AtomChip Corporation is doing, you should … Continue reading 

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Turning 30 and the expectations that come with the big birthday

Today is the day.  My 30th birthday.  The big benchmark.  No longer a young 20–something.  No longer can I fool myself into believing I’m still just right out of high school and those teenage years.  I’m now 30.  It sounds … Continue reading 

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FireFox – The Hungry-Hungry Hippo?

Firefox!  Please!  I love you so much, please relenquish your iron grip on my resources, as you are rendering my computer useless. I like to have just one browser open, and sometimes get up to about 10 tabs open in … Continue reading 

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A word wrapping solution using VB.Net

While helping a friend with some code, I ran into a situation where I needed to do something to word wrap lines that were going to print.  The lines were actually data coming from a database where the max length … Continue reading 

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Database Basics Part Three – Isolation

In an effort to provide information for those of you who are newcomers to databases, especially with the wonderul new Sql Server Express, I have committed myself to about half a dozen posts or so targeted directly at you to … Continue reading 

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The Power of Computing aka Computing Power

This is amazing.  It took over 700 computers working for years, but researchers (who coulda spent these kinda resources on something much more worthwhile, but that is another story) have identified the largest known prime number back on December 15th, … Continue reading 

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