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I’m you pusher. Unit tests are my drugs.

I just finished a bunch of refactorings on some files in a project.  Nothing major, just your normal fixing of code smells and duplications that get left behind when you rush through some stuff.  So I finished all the refactorings I … Continue reading 

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Good design or bad design of abstract class?

I came across this statement in the Framework Design Guidelines, page 84: “DO NOT define public or protected-internal constructors in abstract types.” Then it reads: “DO define a protected or an internal constructor on abstract types.” Sure. Makes perfect sense.  … Continue reading 

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Database Basics Part Four – Table Joins

In an effort to provide information for those of you who are newcomers to databases, especially with the wonderul new Sql Server Express, I have committed myself to about half a dozen posts or so targeted directly at you to … Continue reading 

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Face Recognition Website – Off-topic post

This is an off-topic post, but it has to do with websites, so I’m justifying it that way.  We try to keep the main feed clean from oddball stuff like this, but any of you fathers out there understand why … Continue reading 

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