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Hoping the insurance company programmers are REALLY good at what they do

Yeah, so, today we got the hospital bill for my son’s stay in the hospital.  Needless to say, I hope the insurance company developers didn’t ship the client applications with any bugs, cause I can’t afford the bill. For the … Continue reading 

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We lost a great would-be developer of the Lewallen family.

We lost a great would-be developer (or whatever he wanted to be) at 3:29 PM CST on Easter Sunday, April 16th 2006.  My son fought valiantly for the 5 weeks he was here with us and left us peacefully and … Continue reading 

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How I migrated from Visual SourceSafe to SourceGear Vault – A Walkthrough

Note: Due to the nature of the project I was converting, I cannot supply screenshots, my apologies.   I recently worked on a project where the source control software needed to change from VSS to Vault.  While this is easy … Continue reading 

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NDepend 2.0 has been released.

Many of you have heard me talk about NDepend on numerous blog posts and speaking engagements.  I hope to be able to do full presentations during the summer to various user groups on NDepend. Good news is here:  NDepend 2.0 … Continue reading 

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I Received Microsoft MVP for C# 2006

Along with Jeffrey and many others here at CodeBetter, I have also received (others have been renewed I’m sure) the Microsoft MVP Award for C# for 2006.  As absent as I have been lately, you’d probably think this would be … Continue reading 

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I’ll be presenting on CodeSmith Monday, April 3rd in Oklahoma City

If you are in the Oklahoma City area and would like to know more about CodeSmith or DirectX, attend the OKC Developer’s Group monthly meeting.  We will be at Incredible Pizza for lunch at 5833 NW Expressway and the Downtown Library … Continue reading 

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