NDepend 2.0 has been released.

Many of you have heard me talk about NDepend
on numerous blog posts and speaking engagements.  I hope to be
able to do full presentations during the summer to various user groups
on NDepend.

Good news is here:  NDepend 2.0
has been released with some major enhancements such as an interactive
view of your application and a language dedicated to query and
constraint the structure of your code: Code Query Language.

NDepend is one of the tools I absolutely love and can’t live without
when it comes to a fast look at what is happening with all of my
code.  And now, there is VisualNDepend which also includes CQL!

Setting up NDepend to run reports on your code is super simple and
easy, I can’t stress enough how you should be using this free
tool.  Using NDepend, coupled with other tools I use like Red-Gate ANTS Profiler (reviewed here and here) and FxCop, keeping track of my code and what’s going on and where to make fixes has never been easier.

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2 Responses to NDepend 2.0 has been released.

  1. prashanth says:

    Where Can i get Ndepend? The link u sent is not is leading to ndepend.com and this site is not reponding…Kindly help me to get a copy of ndepend….if possible mail me at prashanthpvr@yahoo.co.uk ASAP.


  2. sahilmalik says:

    I agree man, NDepend 2.0 is pretty out there.

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