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Sahil Malik presenting to OKC Developers Group on June 5th

Oklahoma City Developers Group Meeting – June 5th, 2006   Our next meeting is coming up on Monday, June 5th, and we will be hosted by LSG at OSU-OKC for lunch and TEK Systems at the Downtown Library for our … Continue reading 

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Presenting at CodeCamp in Wichita, KS on June 3rd.

I’ll be presenting 2 sessions at the Wichita Developer’s CodeCamp this coming Saturday, June 3rd. The first session will cover building a strongly-typed session wrapper class.  Session has always been an issue with me, because for one, its not strongly-typed, … Continue reading 

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Why do some programmers hate the thought of using a managed framework?

I have this discussion with various .Net non-believers, and maybe its just me, but I can’t imagine why they just don’t understand what I’m telling them.  The arguments against moving to a managed framework mostly come from the hardcore C … Continue reading 

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Before you telecommute, know why telecommuting is hard

The following explains why I never telecommute anymore, and why telecommuters may not get as much work done as us office dwellers.  I used to telecommute, and this is what my day was like: I decide its time to start … Continue reading 

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Avoid breaking your API – pay attention to your constructors.

I was playing with a document coverter API a few months ago to do some PDF to Word conversions.  I had some code already built into a console app to use that version and it was working fine.  Last night … Continue reading 

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Communication is key – why I was misunderstood

Maybe you live in a cubicle.  You love your privacy, your personal space, your segregation from the rest of the office.  You have it decorated how you want and its your home away from home.  You have email and instant … Continue reading 

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Asking for your ideas regarding refactoring a design smell

Logic can certainly destroy your code reuse, and produce quasi-design smells that you’d really like to do something about because it aggrevates you, but you can’t really change.  What if I told you that I had 9 different functions that determine … Continue reading 

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Common patterns posters to decorate with

Once again, while just browsing through my harddrive, I came across 2 nice posters that I thought I would share with you.  They are 2 posters that show common patterns used on object-oriented design.  The patterns grouped by color and … Continue reading 

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Learn from my mistakes – refactoring and fixing design smells using common patterns

So I’m working in a maintenance release right now.  Very little added functionality.  My current release at work is primarily to adjust to domain logic changes.  This starts by adjusting the unit tests to accomodate the changed logic, and then … Continue reading 

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