Presentation downloads from Wichita Code Camp

For those of you who attended the code camp in Wichita, KS on
Saturday, June 3rd, below are the links to the downloads of the
sessions I presented.

Session/Cache Wrapper for VS2003

Session/Cache Wrapper for VS2005

Integration (includes:, subversion, tortoise, FxCop,
NDepend, NAnt, TestDriven.Net (includes NUnit), NCover, dotMath)

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3 Responses to Presentation downloads from Wichita Code Camp

  1. rlewallen says:


    Because it was a code camp, I tend to stay away from powerpoints and go straight with the code. It helps to get through all the code, answer questions, etc without sucking up time going through slides.

  2. Larry Richardson says:

    For those of us that missed it, do you have a PowerPoint or some notes on this?

  3. David Walker says:

    You did an awesome job on both presentations! We will be having you come up to Tulsa to share!

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