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New version and new refactorings from Refactor Pro

Yep, the guys at Developer Express have released version 2.1 of their popular tools CodeRush, Refactor Pro and of course DxCore.  I'm especially excited about the Refactor Pro because of the new refactorings available, some of them specific for Asp.Net. … Continue reading 

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Playing the waiting game again…

I was hoping to be able to play with this stuff the newest bits this weekend, but that's not looking too promising at the moment.  I should be able to download 3 at a time at about 250Kbps each, but … Continue reading 

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Chris Menegay in Oklahoma City January 4th

SPECIAL DATE Thursday, January 4th Meetings – FREE Lunch and Dinner!Chris Menegay on "Joining Forces: Assimilating Data Experts into the Development Team and Process" Our first meeting of 2007 is on a special day, Thursday, January 4th, and we will … Continue reading 

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Blog Tag – 5 Things You Don’t Know About Me

This meme tag this is going around, and my good friend Sahil wants to know 5 things about me, some of which he already knows but the rest of you don’t, so here it is: 1. I wanted to be … Continue reading 

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