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Sam Gentile in Oklahoma City March 5th

CodeBetter’s very own Sam Gentile will be in Oklahoma City on March 5th to talk to the user group about Service Oriented Architecture with Windows Communication Foundation. Don’t miss this rare chance to see a master in action who has … Continue reading 

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Patterns are not buzzwords

buzz·word A word or phrase connected with a specialized field or group that usually sounds important or technical and is used primarily to impress laypersons: "'Sensitivity' is the buzzword in the beauty industry this fall" (ADWEEK). A stylish or trendy … Continue reading 

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WPF/E requires a Javascript Master?

You know I haven’t dug just a whole lot into WPF/E.  I did spend about 4 hours yesterday giving a hard and quick look at it though.  What did I get out of it?  Well, how is something that requires … Continue reading 

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Speaking at Tulsa Code Camp on March 10th

For those of you in the Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, North Texas, North Arkansas areas, the 1st annual Tulsa Code Camp will be Saturday, March 10th, 2007.  The central theme is .Net 3.0/3.5. There are already several great speakers setup.  I’m … Continue reading 

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Controller != code-behind

This always drives me nuts.  I'm working on a brand spankin new project that has zero code, so a co-worker and I are working on how we want to address the MVP implementation.  So lately I'm reading up on new … Continue reading 

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How to look, or at least feel, like a complete fool – Part 2

An extension of this, how many of you would have spent more than 5 seconds debugging why this won’t compile? public string Hello{    return null;} I spent 5 minutes.  This is what happens when you spend too much time switching between … Continue reading 

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How to make a complete fool out of yourself

Its easy.  Just do what I did.  First, turn off your brain.  Then tell somebody that adapters and dependency injection work in similiar fasions.  Have that somebody tell 10 of their friends, and then each of those 10 people tell … Continue reading 

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Materials from Dallas Presentation

Over 90 people attend my talk in Dallas on Wednesday.  It was a great crowd with some wonderful discussions.  Below are the links to both the presentation deck and the VS2005 solution. Here are photos from the presentation, thanks to … Continue reading 

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Presenting to North Dallas User’s Group on Wednesday, Feb. 7th.

Yes, if you are in the Dallas area, I will be presenting to NDDUG tomorrow evening. Title:Designing Frameworks – The Do’s and Do Not’s Abstract:Designing frameworks can be very tricky.  There are so many things to consider when designing an … Continue reading 

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