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Publishing links I find interesting from my Google Reader shared items

I've imported all my feeds into Google Reader, and am sharing out posts that I believe are interesting at this URL:

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Common Design Patterns Solution File from my presentations

Sorry, I thought I had put this up.  This is the solution file that contains the quick presentation and simple examples on some common and basic design patterns.  This is quite the popular presentation, and I'll be doing it again … Continue reading 

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The WPF Wiki – Good WPF Resource Center

If you are looking for a good resource for WPF material, I came across this one this morning while looking for WPF stuff.  The WPF Wiki.  I just started out on the All Pages portion and there are quite a … Continue reading 

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Don’t just CodeBetter, LiveBetter too!

Update: Ok, this is not a reflection on conference food.  Microsoft catered in some rather healthy food for everybody to eat.  It was more a reflection on our computer knowledgable population in general.  Yes, I did observe some rather unhealthy … Continue reading 

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CodeBetter welcomes Jean-Paul Boodhoo!

CodeBetter would like to welcome our newest member, Jean-Paul Boodhoo! JP (as everybody calls him) has been somebody that I have followed for quite some time, as well as some of the other CBers.  JP is like a smarter and … Continue reading 

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Another big splash in Redmond – NStatic

NStatic is a tool I have followed for quite some time now, eagerly awaiting for it to become available for use.  I spoke with Wesner Moise, the creator of NStatic, and he mentioned the date will be very soon. For … Continue reading 

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NDepend makes a huge splash in Redmond

I couldn’t be happier for my friend Patrick Smacchia – the creator of NDepend.  Anybody who knows me knows that I am NDepend’s biggest fan, other than Patrick himself, and really, really want to see the product hit mainstream use … Continue reading 

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Code metrics available in Orcas March CTP

The FxCop team announced that the new CTP of Orcas now has code metrics.  I have the VPC setup for the latest CTP, but have not dove into it yet to check out the new features.  But from reading what … Continue reading 

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