CodeBetter welcomes Jean-Paul Boodhoo!

CodeBetter would like to welcome our newest member, Jean-Paul Boodhoo!

JP (as everybody calls him) has been somebody that I have followed for quite some time, as well as some of the other CBers.  JP is like a smarter and well versed version of me: we both dig TDD, DDD, agile practices, design patterns, framework design and so much more, he's just better at getting ideas out to the masses in an understandable and comprehensive dialect.  Many of us here at CB had a chance to spend a great deal of time with JP while in Redmond last week, and immediately, after meeting face to face, knew that JP was a perfect fit for the CodeBetter team.  Its immediately felt like he was one of us, so we assimilated him.

We all know that JP is going to make CB so much better because of his vast realm of experiences and the input and feedback he'll be able to provide to the rest of us.  He is just one more validator to the thought process that goes on here at CB and provides that one more unique perspective on things that many of us here hold dear to our developer souls.

JP is an excellent writer and teacher, conveys his thoughts and ideas extremely well, and will be somebody you'll be happy to be reading in your aggregators.  Most importantly, he is passionate about making excellent software products using proper design practices and principles, and wants to make you feel the same way.  In essence, he wants to help you CodeBetter!

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7 Responses to CodeBetter welcomes Jean-Paul Boodhoo!

  1. johnpapa says:

    Welcome on board JP!

  2. SamGentile says:

    Welcome aboard JP! I really enjoyed our conversations in Redmond, great to have you.

  3. jmiller says:

    Welcome aboard JP. Good to have you.


  4. Finally a CodeBetter guy shorter than me!! Well, I’m not completely sure if JP is shorter than me, but I’m willing to go with the assertion until it can be disproved :)

    Welcome, JP!

  5. bitwisejp says:

    Thanks for the awesome into. I look forward to contributing to the awesome community you are all building.

  6. JoeyDotNet says:

    Awesome! One less individual subscription I’ll have to keep in google reader (since I already subscribe to JP and CB’s main feed). :) Great addition!

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