Reminder that the Oklahoma City Code Camp is this weekend!

For those of you in the area, just a reminder that the code camp is this weekend and we have a few of our very own CodeBetter guys (Jean-Paul Boodhoo and Scott Bellware), along with Dave Laribee, David Walker, Tim Rayburn, Cory Smith, Ben Shierman, David Nicollette and Eric Stott.  Our keynote speaker is the general manager of the .Net Developer Division at Microsoft, Jason Zander!

View the agenda here, and be sure to register if you are coming!

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  1. ian says:

    I’m aware I’ve been swamped with classes, hence why I haven’t written all that much for the blog. But today is a special case, because not only is it my day off from classes but it is one of the days I don’t have anything due either. I’m going to be having a lighter course load in the coming months, making it easier on me to actually write for, but there is no assurances that I can or will be writing more then one or two posts a month.

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