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Benefits of Root Cause Analysis

Root cause analysis (RCA) is a methodology used to solve problems at their root, rather than just fixing the obvious.  RCA is often equated to a kaizen improvement process, and rightly so, as it often digs into possible organizational change, … Continue reading 

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The purpose of value stream maps are not the value stream maps

Value stream mapping is an activity that stems from lean methodologies used to capture and report on processes from beginning to end.  Once the value map stream is complete, you have a visual representation of the process and its activities … Continue reading 

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Identifing Waste, the Lean Way

As mentioned in a previous blog post, waste elimination is usually the most obvious and least resistant way to improve value and flow in a product.  So I’m just going to jump right into some of the waste factors that … Continue reading 

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An entry into lean

I, like many others, have been head deep into lean methodologies such as kaizen, kanban, 5S, value streams and lean in general.  As I continue to learn and practice these things, I’m going to start publishing, much like Laribee is with … Continue reading 

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The Fly in the Soup of the Iteration

Where do bugs fit into your iterations?  This is a discussion I’ve had on many occasions with many different people.  Laribee mentioned they work bugs as soon as they come in.  I believe Bellware told me the same thing.  Provost and … Continue reading 

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