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There is too much money to be made in software development

Its true.  Too much money is available to IT. As a business with too much money assigned to an IT budget, you’re allowed to have teams completely fail, miserably, and when they do, you just throw more money at it.  … Continue reading 

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LOL You have got to see this

This was just WAY TOO FUNNY to pass up sharing with everybody! Sorry for the link post, but I couldn’t stop myself.  Check out the name of the ship!


How do you clean up the files in a project quickly?

Put your hands on your keyboard, don’t touch the mouse. CTRL-ALT-L; Down Arrow (to a file), Enter, CTRL-ALT-F, Enter, (F12, Alt-Enter, Enter (repeat all necessary loops)), CTRL-ALT-F, Enter, CTRL-S, CTRL-F4 Repeat until you reach the end of the file list.  … Continue reading 

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Welcome Dave Laribee to CodeBetter!

So this is a no brainer.  Where is there a better fit for Dave Laribee other than CodeBetter?  So many of us share the same ideals, the same goals, suffer the same pains and have common solutions for problems we … Continue reading 


Reminder that the Oklahoma City Code Camp is this weekend!

For those of you in the area, just a reminder that the code camp is this weekend and we have a few of our very own CodeBetter guys (Jean-Paul Boodhoo and Scott Bellware), along with Dave Laribee, David Walker, Tim … Continue reading 

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What I am doing to become a better developer

I’m happy to oblige Jeremy on answering his tag on this meme that was started recently. For me, the first and best step to take in becoming a better developer is that daily realization of how much I don’t know.  … Continue reading 


Welcome new CodeBetter member, Patrick Smacchia, the man behind NDepend!

In case you didn’t notice, CodeBetter has added none other than your favorite static code analysis tool author, Patrick Smacchia!  Patrick Smacchia is the author of NDepend. Patrick brings to the table a wealth of information and experience, and we … Continue reading 

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My life is run on a stack and not a queue

I blame Microsoft and bloggers for my brain function lately.  I just can’t keep up with everything going on, and I don’t really even try to.  At any given time, I have 10–15 tabs open in Firefox of webpages that … Continue reading 


Hydrated a new Developer into the Lewallen family by way of the Child factory: (Off Topic)

Carson Grant Lewallen was born April 19th, 2007 at 16:17 hours, weighing in a 7 lbs 14 oz and just a hair below 20 inches.  Unfortunatly, we still haven’t been able to leave the hospital yet due to some obstacles.  … Continue reading 


Congrats April MVP Awardees!

A big congrats to all the Microsoft MVPs who were awarded or reawarded on the April cycle.  I know both me and my good friend Sahil were both reawarded, and before I finished this post I saw Frans was too.  … Continue reading 

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