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Embrace Pain

Agile is about surfacing pain. It’s not about roses, perfume, and happy candlelight dinners together. Traditional project management methodologies made it easy to sweep the pain under the carpet, lying about how you were doing up until the end of … Continue reading 

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The Fly in the Soup of the Iteration

Where do bugs fit into your iterations?  This is a discussion I’ve had on many occasions with many different people.  Laribee mentioned they work bugs as soon as they come in.  I believe Bellware told me the same thing.  Provost and … Continue reading 

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Getting Done the Lean Way

Something I’ve been thinking about lately, as I’ve been going through reams of paper on lean, kanban, kaizen and Toyota Production system concepts, is how the definition of done differs from that we are used to in Scrum. In Scrum, … Continue reading 

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Die, Chicken. Die!

The “in breakfast there are chickens and there are pigs” analogy is a popular one in Agile circles. It refers to the idea that in a given project there are people who are fully committed (pigs, developers) and people those … Continue reading 

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Which practices to implement first?

 Over on the altnetconf list the question arose as to where you start when implementing agile within an organization. The first thing to bear in mind is that you probably want to avoid implementing all the practices, at the same … Continue reading 

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Stories and Aspects

Today we had our iteration planning meeting. It was a long one as we’re trying to sharpen our user story technique and are switching estimation methodologies from hours to “story points” or “NUTs” (back to them). We managed to wrangle … Continue reading 

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As a scrummaster, scrum is not my first option to a new client

I had this discussion briefly at BarCamp Dallas yesterday.  The question came up as to how do I describe scrum to my client? When going into a new client, I don’t.  There are a lot of companies out there that … Continue reading 

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Calling Bologna!

The title may sound obscure, but its actually something our scrum team recently implemented.  Using a keyword to designate that the scrum was turning towards status-meeting or small meetings are taking place.  This team is new and has limited or … Continue reading