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I'm @robashton, I'm from the Isle of Man, I travelled around a lot and now I live in Glasgow. I write Erlang, Elm and Purescript for a living, AMA.

Keeping JS Sane

I gave a talk at #DDD10 this Saturday about keeping JS sane, I had some questions after about the list of things I ran through so documented in all its glory are my current thoughts on development with a dynamic … Continue reading 

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Finding a balance with ASP.NET MVC

The other day I did a talk at DDD South West, cheekily entitled “ASP.NET MVC, coping with mediocrity”, ¬†pitched on the agenda as being fairly heavily negative about ASP.NET MVC, but in reality summarising that¬†it’s okay so long as you … Continue reading 

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Hi I’ve been criticised in the past for launching into the talks that I give and not giving enough of an introduction for the irrelevant details of who I actually am – so hi, I’m @robashton and I’ve joined CodeBetter … Continue reading 

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