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Where’s MVC Storefront?

A lot of people have been asking about the Storefront and whether I’ve abandoned it with all that’s gone on with Oxite, etc. The short answer is no – I haven’t. And believe it or not, Oxite didn’t impact anything … Continue reading 

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The Perfect Storm Botnet

I’m sure you’ve been told, numerous times no doubt, about Cross-site scripting and that it’s bad. I think, for most developers, the only fear they have of XSS is looking foolish when someone hacks their site, shredding the layout of … Continue reading 

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SubSonic 3 Alpha Updated

Many thanks to the folks who downloaded and ran the alpha. As I figured, I missed a few things. The good news is that I’ve fixed them, and 99% of them were with the templates – which is good news … Continue reading 

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