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Where’s MVC Storefront?

A lot of people have been asking about the Storefront and whether I’ve abandoned it with all that’s gone on with Oxite, etc. The short answer is no – I haven’t. And believe it or not, Oxite didn’t impact anything with respect for the storefront at all. I promise!

The deal is that I’m on vacation right now for 2.5 weeks or so in Portland (LOVE IT here). While on vacation I’m stealing time to work on stuff – mainly our forthcoming book. The rest of the time I’m hanging with my family and trying not to freeze to death. People tell me we’re below the Arctic Circle, but I think Portland may actually be somewhere north of Juneau, and they move it around just like in Lost.

The good news is that I have a new one of these things:

I really can’t say enough about it. This may sound completely silly, but the thing that sold me was the construction of the case – it’s milled from a solid piece of metal. If you notice in the picture – there are no seams. The display is covered completely with a protective glass – this is huge if you have kids that like to poke at Diego and Dora on the screen. It also makes it very easy to clean.

It’s literally about twice as fast as my 2 yr. old Mac Book – the main reason being the Core 2 Duo processors and DDR3 RAM (which is a big step up from 2 years ago). The price tag is still pretty spendy – the base Mac Book Pro comes in at $1990, the upgraded version is $2499. The good news, however, is that the upgraded version has a bigger hard drive and fills all the RAM slots so you don’t need to buy more RAM – it’s already maxxed at 4G.

To be honest I feel completely lame for buying this thing with the economy the way it is. The truth of it, however, is that I will be travelling a lot in the coming year and my wife has sort of taken over my old MBP. We could share – sure – and we probably should have. I feel a bit like I’m fiddling while Rome’s aflame. It’s my job, however, and there are things that you can categorize as luxury, as equipment, and as both. I happen to be very high maintenance when it comes to equipment :) and buying a computer every 2 years really is not that crazy.

A Word About Rails
Macs come with Rails installed (1.2.6 I believe) as well as Ruby (1.8.6). I usually wipe it completely out and start from scratch (I leave Ruby though) as I never trust factory installs with anything.

It took me about 15 minutes to download and install the latest Rails version (2.2.3) as well as update Gems and install TextMate. I hadn’t played with Rails in a while and it was a lot of fun to see what’s come of the framework in the last year and a half. The use of SQL Lite is an interesting one – not too sure what I think of it but it made the experience a lot more simple I must say.

The reason I bring this up is simply to say that I’m not losing site of the type of simplicity I love. I’ve ventured deep into DDD land of late (as well as some other areas) and messed around with the more “ornate” and “baroque” sides of development. Hopefully you won’t read an opinion in there – I’ve learned a WHOLE LOT and I have to say that I’m 100 times the geek I was before I started.

The thing I’m getting at here is that I love simple things. Truly. It’s one of the reasons I really dig the MacBook: the design is soooo clean and simple, the buttons are just the right size, and there isn’t a lot of “engineering filigree” all over the thing. It’s quite Zen.

To bring us back to where I started (with the Storefront) – it’s always been my focus to keep it simple yet powerful. There is some work left to do with my refactoring, but I’m taking some time away right now to regenerate mind, body, and spirit and hopefully my journey will benefit you in the end.

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8 Responses to Where’s MVC Storefront?

  1. SteveMets says:

    I posted on the Storefront Forum, but thought I would post here, too- just in case you don’t look there much. I was wondering where the .dbml is in the MVC Storefront. I watched the video on DDD (number 25, I think), and liked the way the context was retrieved. I just can’t find the .dbml in the latest download, and wondered if you pulled LINQ2SQL out. Thanks

  2. David Hayden says:

    Nice. The new UniBody Design of the MacBooks is sweet. I am not so sure I like the black around the screen and the black keys compared to the silver that I have now with the MacBook Pro, but the UniBody Design is wonderfully sleek and solid.

    My 17″ MacBook Pro is only 8 months old so I am skipping these latest versions hoping for some announcements coming out of the MacWorld Expo as well as the new releases in the first half of 2009.

    BootCamp and Fusion is the way to go IMHO. I have used both for 8 months with excellent results.

    Happy Holidays.

  3. Just moved from a MBP to a Dell XPS 1530 Missing a lot of the Mac stuff. It wasn’t a voluntary decision. I miss magnetic power adapter, good keyboard, fit & finish, Quicksilver, a real terminal window (learning and loving Powershell, though).

    I mostly code at home on a Mac Pro Quad. Bliss.

    Anyhow, I really appreciate this series. It’s amazing how much of the things you have shown I either use or have taught (I teach about 1/2 time). Participating in the thought process with you has been amazingly helpful. Thanks, Rob!

    Jeff Gonzalez – coder, trainer, MCT

  4. Rob Coneruy says:

    I use Boot Camp and install Vista – I also have Fusion which will run your Boot Camp install as a shell inside the Mac OS. When I’m working, I boot into Vista; when not I use OS X for “home stuff”.

    The driver set for the Mac (provided by Apple) is really well done and stable. A benefit of owning the hardware!

  5. Sonicloop says:

    This machine is saweet. I always wanted to get a mac but i love my visual studio. Do you install windows on the mac to develop or do you use some other IDE.

  6. rodbv says:

    Portland, land of the best punk there out there, The Thermals :)

    Looking forward for more Storefront stuff, but in the meantime, enjoy your new mac and happy new year!

  7. David Weller says:

    I recently got one of those too, Rob. They’re absolutely wonderful laptops. I have _0_ regrets about the price I paid! (Unlike my Toshiba…grrr)

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