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Using Git as a Backup Tool

It had been a hellish week, and at this moment sleep was not an option for Phil. maybe it was the kimchee, maybe it was the realization that his blog almost shrugged off its digital coil as a result of … Continue reading 

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My Enemy, My Self

I’m building an application which I’ll talk more about later – but this one’s different from other applications I’ve built: this one’s for me. In the same way teaching your spouse/significant other how to do X is a major pain … Continue reading 

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You’re Not Your Data Access

Seems I touched off a bit of a “swirl” with a comment I made on my last blog post: I think, in general, the .NET crowd overthinks and over-engineers just about everything I said as much in my MIX presentation, … Continue reading 

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Jumping The 20 Fence

Before I worked at Microsoft I worked at/with/for various startups. Depending on who you talked to, I was involved in building rockets, the Next Big Thing, and a Super Whamadyne Paradigm-Shifter. Since I’m not a millionaire and you don’t see … Continue reading 

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What Should Microsoft Do For .NET Open Source?

I’ve been reading a lot of old blog posts tonight regarding Microsoft and Open Source – it really reminds me of the interesting stances the company has taken over the last 5 to 10 years (I’ve only been working with … Continue reading 

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