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What Should Microsoft Do For .NET Open Source?

I’ve been reading a lot of old blog posts tonight regarding Microsoft and Open Source – it really reminds me of the interesting stances the company has taken over the last 5 to 10 years (I’ve only been working with … Continue reading 


Patterns, Purists, and Sinkholes

Before I was a geek, I was a Geologist. A Geophysicist to be precise – but mostly I just tell people I was a Geologist. I worked a lot with environmental cleanup, but I also spent a lot of time … Continue reading 


Software Design Kuleana

Last year I tore apart my kitchen with a sledge hammer and a crowbar. I knocked a wall down, ripped out the old, crumbly cabinets, and tore up the 20-year old vinyl flooring that was discolored and horrifically 80’s. I … Continue reading