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Puppet: Getting Started On Windows

Now that we’ve talked a little about Puppet. Let’s see how easy it is to get started. Install Puppet Let’s get Puppet Installed. There are two ways to do that: With Chocolatey: Open an administrative/elevated command shell and type: choco … Continue reading 

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Puppet: Making Windows Awesome Since 2011

Puppet was one of the first configuration management (CM) tools to support Windows, way back in 2011. It has the heaviest investment on Windows infrastructure with 1/3 of the platform client development staff being Windows folks.  It appears that Microsoft … Continue reading 

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blogger { ‘Rob Reynolds’: ensure => present }

Howdy. My name is Rob. I currently have a long time blog at where I talk about all kinds of things including tools and code that seems useful. I used to blog with (the sister site) where I … Continue reading 

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