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blogger { ‘Rob Reynolds’: ensure => present }

Howdy. My name is Rob. I currently have a long time blog at http://ferventcoder.com where I talk about all kinds of things including tools and code that seems useful. I used to blog with Devlicio.us (the sister site) where I showed the code instead of just talking about it. I plan to continue that tradition here. I appreciate the opportunity to share perspectives and thoughts with the community as part of the CodeBetter family.

Thanks for having me and expect to hear more about Chocolatey and Puppet.

About Rob Reynolds

Rob Reynolds has been programming in .NET since the early days of 1.0... [Continue reading... at http://about.me/ferventcoder] On this blog you'll find just about anything I find interesting that has to do with development including Puppet and Chocolatey. Because we are all polyglot programmers in our own way, you may see anything from NHibernate to some custom CSS. Nobody is perfect and occasionally I may post something you find incorrect. Please keep me straight! With your help and interaction the community will benefit.
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  • ferventcoder

    For those familiar with Puppet, you probably noticed that the title of my post isn’t quite good Puppet code. For those not, it’s because all parts of a resource end with a comma, even the last one. So it should have been

    blogger { ‘Rob Reynolds':
    ensure => present,

    But I didn’t want to confuse those not familiar with Puppet out the door.