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The Reality of Stored Procedures

  OK I’ve decided to jump into this discussion of using stored procedures for data access and manipulation.   First I will start out with some background. I have been involved in building multi tier applications for nearly 10 years. … Continue reading 

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Robert Scoble Leaving Microsoft (Good for Robert)

Robert Scoble is leaving Microsoft to work in Silicon Valley. This is a very positive thing for Robert and I want to wish him good luck? If I had to guess why Robert is moving to Silicon Valley it would … Continue reading 

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Simple ServerVariables Code (Updated)

I don’t know how many times I have written the code to show the contents of the Request.ServerVariables collection sent to an ASP.NET page. So I’m gonna blog it to make sure I always have the code: Response.Write(“<TABLE BORDER=’2′>”) For … Continue reading 

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