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Who Said It?

I was reading through one of my various books on programming. This one was interesting as it documented the experiences of programmers from various aspects of the industry. There was one section that I found very interesting. I am going to quote a few statements from a distinguished programmer. Lets see if you can figure out who it is….

“In a company that has 160 programmers how do you go about creating an environment where you can develop successful programs?”

“One way is to have is to have small project teams, typically for or five people, and one of those programmers has to have the proven ability to really absorb a program. And when that lead person is uncertain about something, he or she should be able to discuss it with even more experienced programmers.

Another exerpt….

The old rule used to be that a manager of a programmer was always a better programmer, and there no what we call “technical inversions” where a programmer works somebody who doesn’t know how to program. We still follow that philosophy: At certain levels we have business managers, but we don’t have non programmers really managing programming projects.

One more…

Programs today get very fat; the enhancements tend to slow the program because people put in special checks. When they add a feature, they’ll just stick in these checks without thinking how they might slow the thing down……….. It’s true that we’re going to allow programs to get a little fatter than they have been. But in terms of speed, it’s just lasiness not to allow something to be as fast as possible.

So who said it ???????????

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  1. I’m going to throw out a guess and say.. Bill Gates?

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