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Sliverlight the Cross Platform CLR

Scott Guthrie went in to demo mode and uncovered some of the features of the new cross platform CLR… Here’s a list of features: You can code in VB.NET, C# and other CLR languages Will contain assemblies of WPF Controls … Continue reading 

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MIX07 Keynote Silverlight Meets .NET

I’m here live at the MIX conference. Ray Ozzie started off the festivities with a good discusison of the current state of affairs of the web. We also got to view a cool video of current WPF applications. Man there … Continue reading 

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CoDe Magazine and Jean-Paul S Boodhoo

New CodeBetter blogger and rather cool dude makes his CoDe Magazine Debut Layered Architecture, Dependency Injection, and Dependency Inversion Congrats!

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Lifting the Skirt…Stored Procedures and Change Tracking

Recently I’ve been involved in an online discussion related to data update techniques. Part of the discussion turned to the issue of data updates and change tracking. A question came up: >1) The SP receives and updates all fields every … Continue reading 

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Bridge Building as Software Metaphor

  Software developers love to contrast software development and construction projects.  When compared to construction software is in its infancy. Construction is a very well understood process with literally thousands of years of history and understanding. Developers like to say … Continue reading 

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