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AltNetConf Day2 – Agile and MVC Goodness

Day 2 went great. The group gathered for some opening remarks and immediately went into sessions. I was a participant in a discussion group where we discussed: Introducing Agile/Alt.Net into the work place Passion for Agile/Alt.Net Pragmatic a Agile/Alt.Net Being … Continue reading 

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AltNetConf Day 1 – Fishbowls Rock!

OK so I am a newbie to Agile practices and this “conference” is a great place to become immersed in all that is Agile. Last night was very interesting. Over 100 people gathered in one room to create this conference. … Continue reading 

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My First TDD Dividend(s)

It’s now 6:30am here in Austin, TX and my first forays into TDD have paid their first real dividends. Roy Osherove ( and I spent a couple of hours yesterday going over my system framework/architecture, installing nUnit and Test Driven.NET. … Continue reading 

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In Austin, TX for Alt.Net Conference

I flew in yesterday from Seattle to attend the Alt.Net conference (  I am here early because I am working with Roy Osherove ( to see how we can implement more Agile practices in our framework/architecture. Our framework/architecture is rather … Continue reading 

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.NET Framework Code To Be Released

We will finally have access to the .NET Framework source code…  It will be great to use something other than Reflector to see what the heck is going on in there.   crossposted from

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