AltNetConf Day2 – Agile and MVC Goodness

Day 2 went great. The group gathered for some opening remarks and immediately went into sessions.

I was a participant in a discussion group where we discussed:

Introducing Agile/Alt.Net into the work place

Passion for Agile/Alt.Net

Pragmatic a Agile/Alt.Net

Being a catalyst for Agile/Alt.Net

The room was fairly full and some great conversations took place. Here are some of the ideas thrown out and recorded in my trusty Mead notebook:

JP Boodhoo started with “Passion does not necessarily incite action.” We discussed the concept that just because you are passionate you still need to take action. Passion for passions sake doesn’t do anything.

One mechanism for facilitating agile adoption is to arrive with a solution in hand. Scott Bellware is famous for saying you won’t understand until you do it.   There is some truth to this. Agile is difficult to explain. It’s easier to see a readily provided solution.

Another idea is to do a month of iterations and use this as a basis for examining agile success.

Some stuff to look at:

The Agile Contract

The Pragmatic Programmer

21 Laws of Leadership

Success is always easy to sell twice.

You may need to introduce agile at a ground level. Start with one developer.  Teach them. Have them teach too.

Try lunch and learns.

More stuff to look into


Continuious Integration

Cruise Control

Maybe you just need to do agile on a project and show the results after the fact. Returns to the statement: “success is easy to sell twice”.

That was just my notes from session 1.

Now on to Behavior Driven Development

This intent of this session IMO was to discuss what BDD is and how to use it in your development process.  I am not convinced that this session was successful as it seemed to degrade immediately.

The meeting was started off with three moderators discussing their POV of POV. It was never made clear what the hell BDD really is.  The presenters should have started off defining what BDD is. Each person pretty much immediately jumped in discussing their favorite tools for doing BDD

In any case this session did provide me with some ideas.

BDD to me looks like a way to gather requirements (stories) in a standardized way then being able to take those requirements and generate programming and acceptance tests.

Scott Bellware shows a tool called Rspec that takes requirements from Ruby code (I believe) and puts them into a friendly/easy to read web interface. The thing that struck me as cool was the way in which requirements were spelled out. Stuff like:

Registrants will receive an e-mail

When signing up the registrant will be required to provide an e-mail address.

The thing that I liked was the way they documented requirements. The language used was very cool.

Another moderator showed his tool for recording stories. This persons’ tool showed a nice structure for recording requirements (stories) in a structured way. You can then generate testing artifacts from there system.

I am not sure if this was the theme or intent. But I did come up with a concept that I would love to explore.

How do we gather requirements in a more formalized and standard way? Language is important. 

MVC and DLR (Dynamic Language Runtime) Goodness

The next sessions that I attended were the MVC and DLR Goodness sessions.

ScottGu gave a kick ass session showing the new MVC framework. I am not going to write about what we saw as numerous other bloggers have done so.  Let’s just say this is a cool framework and I cannot wait to play with it in a couple of weeks.


After ScottGu was done Scott Hanselman gave a good session on how DLR’s will be implemented in the new MVC framework. I have never written a line of Python or Ruby so this was an interesting session from that angle.

One thing I liked was that he showed the concepts surrounding creating your own Viewer in the new MVC framework. I can definitely see using the MVC framework when we implement WPF in our shop.

I am VERY impressed with what the Scott’s. Contrary to other opinions Microsoft seems to get this area and is taking ACTION. (See theme above <G>)

One side note: When ScottGu  gets Ray Ozzies job. Scott Bellware will go work at Microsoft for ScottGu.  I was there when it was said. I have witnesses <G>



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  1. “I can definitely see using the MVC framework when we implement WPF in our shop.”

    I think that’s a misconception. You can different view engines, that is different HTML-rendering engines, like you can do use Brail or NVelocity in MonoRail.
    WPF is a completely different technology. MVC makes sense there, too, but in a totally different way…


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