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Dependency Patterns: Optional Dependencies and Primal Dependencies

If you wanted to get your chocolate in my peanut butter, would you want to do it via a constructor argument, or a setter?  It really depends on whether you believe that my peanut butter should not be without your … Continue reading 

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Dependency Patterns

Hey!  You got your chocolate in my peanut butter!  What kind of coupling was created when you got your chocolate in my peanut butter?  Is the chocolate service-located or injected?  Can you get your chocolate back without depriving me of … Continue reading 

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On the Heels of MSN Search, Microsoft Delievers one of the Top 25 Websites to Watch

SomaTron reports that PCWorld has listed Microsoft Popfly as one of the twenty-five websites to watch.  According to Soma, Popfly has already enabled his staff to scribble funny glasses and a hat onto a picture of him… in a web … Continue reading 

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Perfection: Necessary Act

Perfection gets a bad rap in software development.  It’s often even used disparagingly to justify YAGNI‘s evil twin: crappy code, as in, “We’re not after perfection here, we just need this thing to work!” Without perfection, there would be a lot … Continue reading 

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Deferring Responsibility

I was in a presentation on SharePoint this evening and heard one of those kinds of crazy marketing spins about product goodness that only a vendor could come up with.  Worse yet, the presenter seemed to thoroughly believe his own … Continue reading 

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