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SetUp and Teardown Methods in Test Classes

Jim Newkirk is blogging about the down side of setup and teardown methods in test classes, and why you shouldn’t use them. Setup and teardown methods attract entropy faster than an outsource programmer with his first patterns book. Jim’s new … Continue reading 

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SOA, BI, Events, and Push

Arnon talks about event-based BI: This is exactly what I’ve been thinking about for our Rails / .NET integrated solution.  I thought that this architecture would be received as heresy.  I’m stoked to see that folks like Arnon are out … Continue reading 

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My Credo

I never believe that anything I do is correct until I subject it to the to inquiry, “How is this wrong?” I believe that everything I do is suspect.  This is my point of departure for every single line of … Continue reading 

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Write Specs to the Experience Rather than the Implementation

This post is a place-holder for a longer post with examples, but I’ve been sitting on this one for months, so I thought I’d just toss it out there for what its worth. Unit testing practices often make no bones … Continue reading 

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TDD is About Not Knowing

The greatest obstruction to grokking Test-Driven Development is the assertion that a developer makes to himself about how right his plans are for a solution. The essence of TDD is a suspension of our belief that we know what we’re … Continue reading 

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Agile Doesn’t Have the Answers

Agile doesn’t have a One True Answer for software development.  Agile gives you a structured way to seek feedback on your on-going exploration. A predisposition to believe in a One True Answer for anything is one of the worst hindrances … Continue reading 

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Smurf… er, Scrum

I started doing something recently that I wish in retrospect hadn’t occurred to me, because now I can’t stop. I was at a presentation recently where the speaker used to word “scrum” as a prefix for everything that his team … Continue reading 

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Yesterday’s Agile

Been thinking about what’s next for agile development… TDD is still young, but not as young as it was.  BDD is creating greater artifact, process, and team unification opportunities for test-first programming in an agile process.  Some of tomorrow’s practices … Continue reading 

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