Smurf… er, Scrum

I started doing something recently that I wish in retrospect hadn’t occurred to me, because now I can’t stop.

I was at a presentation recently where the speaker used to word “scrum” as a prefix for everything that his team does.  At some point it occurred to me that, for some folks, “scrum” had become the System.Object of terms.

This led me to reflect on the only other culture that I knew of that has a universal word: The Smurfs!  As soon as this regretful thought crossed my mind, I started subconsciously replacing “scrum” with “smurf” every time I heard the word.

Smurf Room.  Daily Smurf.  Smurf Planning.  Etc, etc, etc.  And unfortunately, I find myself snickering now when I hear someone talking about scrum for the absurdity of it all.  Kinda like imagining your audience in their underwear.

So, if you and I are ever having a conversation about scrum and I start snickering, please don’t assume that I’m laughing at you for your interest in scrum… I’m just having an inner moment of smurfrette’s disorder.

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