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Agile Doesn’t Have the Answers

Agile doesn’t have a One True Answer for software development.  Agile gives you a structured way to seek feedback on your on-going exploration. A predisposition to believe in a One True Answer for anything is one of the worst hindrances … Continue reading 

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Smurf… er, Scrum

I started doing something recently that I wish in retrospect hadn’t occurred to me, because now I can’t stop. I was at a presentation recently where the speaker used to word “scrum” as a prefix for everything that his team … Continue reading 

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Yesterday’s Agile

Been thinking about what’s next for agile development… TDD is still young, but not as young as it was.  BDD is creating greater artifact, process, and team unification opportunities for test-first programming in an agile process.  Some of tomorrow’s practices … Continue reading 

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Monorail vs. Rails Isn’t a Meaningful Question

Monorail vs. Rails doesn’t seem like much of an interesting question.  In our work recently at Dovetail, we found that a much more interesting question is something like, “Should we be building forms-over-data web apps on .NET?” If I have … Continue reading 

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Accountability: Behavior-Driven Development’s Other Leg

Accountability is a huge part of agile development.  Behavior-Driven Development (BDD) drives accountability deep into development by having developers maintain the language of the business through the continuum of development process artifacts from user stories, through specifications, and into the … Continue reading 

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