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Presenting the OpenWrap logo…

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Building packages with OpenWrap

So, I was reading this entry about how to build packages for NuPack. That is something people need to know about for OpenWrap too, so this is the documentation of what you *can* do. Building, Out Of the Box If … Continue reading 

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Creating a new project with OpenWrap

With all this discussion of OpenWrap stuff, we’ve not covered yet how easy it is to create a new project in OpenWrap and get it off the ground. For OpenWrap to function, you don’t need much. You need a /wraps … Continue reading 

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Contributing to OpenWrap

I’ve already detailed how to fork OpenWrap to your github account. Now you want to make some changes. Here’s a small guide of the main things you need to do, and a quick intro to git as well to make … Continue reading 

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Using the command help subsystem in OpenWrap

Documentation in a command-line tool is important. My latest push (as of a few minutes ago) implements a much improved get-help command. This should let you discover a lot of the functionality of OpenWrap without needing my blog posts. Updating … Continue reading 

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Creating your own OpenWrap repository on a file-share

I’m feeling in a blogging mood. There are so many things that are cool in OpenWrap that you can expect quite a bit of content in the next few days. One of the features we have in OpenWrap, and have … Continue reading 

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Using NuPack as a package repository in OpenWrap

NuPack came out a short while ago. While NuPack is only a subset of what OpenWrap was built to solve, a lot of libraries have already been added to their repositories, probably for the sole reason that it’s Microsoft and … Continue reading 

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Installing OpenWrap from the sources

OpenWrap normally relies on a central server for providing the initial shell and its associated packages. However, when you get on a new machine, you don’t necessarily want to get the release server, or it’s down. Fear not, for the … Continue reading 

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Building polyglot packages for OpenWrap and NuPack

As we approach a first full-featured OpenWrap release, it’s time to provide package builders some guidance in how to build good packages. For a week now, the OpenWrap client has supported the NuPack package and feed format for assemblies. We … Continue reading 

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o create-blog -name “Hello World”

I have had a blog for a long time, and I’ll continue maintaining it for all the social events I organize in London. But When I was offered the chance to join the crew, there was no way I … Continue reading 

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