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NuGet feed has changed again, and broken OpenWrap again.

Just a quick note that the NuGet feed has had some more changes that have broken OpenWrap once more. As usual, this wasn’t quite documented anywhere nor did we get told about it in time for their release. We are … Continue reading 

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Why choosing your own path for packages is asking the wrong question

I’ve had a couple of people asking me if we could change where packages get stored from the /wrap folder to their own folder. I’m not the only one with that feature request, the NuGet guys have had that question … Continue reading 

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An update to nuget support in OpenWrap

I’ve been pretty quiet lately, as we’ve been working very hard at the new package resolver infrastructure I’ll blog about soon. In the meantime, if you use OpenWrap from the master branch (the packages will be updated on the server … Continue reading 

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