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One step closer still

One of the things that OpenWrap 2.0 will feature is dynamic loading and unloading of “solution plugins”, components that load up when you start working on a solution, and unload cleanly when you move to another solution. One of the … Continue reading 

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My colour scheme

People have asked before, after giving presentations, to share my theme. Yes, I commit the cardinal crime of refusing presenting on a white background, it hurts my brain too much. So I introduce DarkSeb, a Dark blue derivative theme for … Continue reading 

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What’s new in OpenWrap 2.0?

[Update: I’ve bumped the version number to 2.0. After discussing on twitter with people, it seems much more in spirit with and the vast amount of new features / breaking API changes this version contains. I’ve also added some … Continue reading 

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One step closer to a release…

Did I mention *no install*?

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