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OpenWrap 2.0.1–a better way to look at dependencies

There are many many features in OpenWrap 2.0, and at this rate it will take me many weeks before we go through them all. As such, I shall only blog about the things that are fully finished (and why you’ve … Continue reading 

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Free OpenWrap workshop, Cambridge, 5th of November

If you want to know what package management is, how it can help you and how you can use the latest OpenWrap version to solve your dependency needs, I’m giving a free workshop for the Cambridge Developers’ user group. If … Continue reading 

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OpenWrap 1.0.2 available

I’ve just pushed a new version of the 1.0 OpenWrap package. To get it if you’re a new user, head to and click the download button. If you have OpenWrap currently, it’s one command away: c:\src\> o update-wrap openwrap … Continue reading 

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OpenWrap 2.0–Package locking

Well, this one was scheduled for much later in the development process of OpenWrap, but ended up being built last week. Why locking, a historical perspective OpenWrap is very much a system. When you take dependencies on packages, we … Continue reading 

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Developing multiple packages in one go

Very often, it is the case that you are working on multiple packages at the same time. Keeping dependencies up-to-date in those scenarios can be a very tedious process. One of the new features of OpenWrap 2.0 is the ability … Continue reading 

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