OpenWrap 1.0.2 available

I’ve just pushed a new version of the 1.0 OpenWrap package.

To get it if you’re a new user, head to and click the download button. If you have OpenWrap currently, it’s one command away:

c:\src\> o update-wrap openwrap -project

We highly recommend that you update any of your 1.0 projects to this new version, so you can be fully-compatible with 2.0 when we get to beta status.

No new features, just fixes: we now automatically changes projects that take dependencies on OpenWrap without putting a version, which continues to be an issue when 1.0 and 2.0 cohabitate, and ReSharper 5.1 support should now work as expected.

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  • gman

    I never heard of OpenWrap until now. It does seems similar to NuGet, is that correct?

    • Sebastien Lambla

      Yes, it predates NuGet and offers more functionality and is more opiniated.

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  • Uroboros93

    What the fuck is OpenWrap anyway? What is “the usual way” to get it?

    Why do developers imagine everyone already knows what their brilliant package is all about and is drooling for the chance to get it? Egomaniacal much?

    • Daniel

      If you don’t know what OpenWrap is, why do you care to comment (and swear)?

    • Sebastien Lambla

      The swearing is not necessary. This is very much for current users, and I assume they know how to get openwrap. Tanks for the feedback though, I’ve updated the post.

    • Steve

      Wow… Why do developers assume that someone is going to spoon feed them information instead of taking responsibility for their own knowledge and going to find out about it for themselves? That’s one of the differences between someone who can program and a developer. Look at the post: “..if you’re a new user, head to …” So since you don’t know what it is (obviously) why don’t you head over to the site and read up about it? Under-developed cranial capacity much?

      • Adam Piper

        It didn’t say that stuff to begin with, so I can understand the original commenter’s confusion. You might have worked this out yourself if you’d read Sebastien’s reply.

        Hypocritical, much?

        • Sebastien Lambla

          Guys, please calm down. There’s no need for any of this. And Adam, yes I updated the post, but there is no need for that kind of language or attitude, it’s not “confusion” it’s rudeness.