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Making a BT Business Hub 3 let an Airport Extreme run the show

This entry will be very localised to the British isles (see what I did there?). I’ve been a BT customer for a long time, and their hub is an absolute nightmare, a piece of crap, a useless chunk of equipment full … Continue reading 

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OpenRasta: Today and tomorrow

The OpenRasta community has experienced a bit of a renaissance. And so it should, for there is much to rejoice about, and really cool stuff happening in the pipeline. Because the time is right to reopen those communication channels we … Continue reading 

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Unit testing is out, Vertical Slice Testing is in

We have been doing testing for a long time. Some people are practicing TDD, but I think that’s only 46 people in the world and they all follow my twitter feed. </attention-seeking-headlines> We all know the common issues people have … Continue reading 

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Relaunching SerialSeb – Practical ReST and then some

Well. After 5 months of soul-searching, ups and downs, I’m back, more focused than ever (think laser beam focus). This week has seen the launch of several important projects for me, and I’m very excited to share them with you, … Continue reading 

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Will Seb shave his head?

Well, it has been quite a few months since I’ve blogged. There are many reasons why, and I may or may not break the hiatus in 2013, you’ll have to wait to find out. In the meantime, I’m giving my … Continue reading 

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