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All .Math Code and Documentation now online…

After a long, rainy weekend, I’ve managed to get all the code documentation along with usage scenarios and function references on the web. You can view the code documentation by downloading the library or source code at and you … Continue reading 

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Nice TDD article – first in a series

Steve Eichert has posted the first article in a series on his TDD experiences.  There’s some nice material here on working with database applications. It’s a good read, nice work Steve. I’m looking forward to the followup articles.  

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.Math is off and running!

.Math is now available for download and use!  The source code is available at  You can even try out a working web page that uses the library at  The demo allows for a maximum of 10 variables (an arbitrary number … Continue reading 

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Nice C# Reference URL

I came across a nice C# reference page when I was trying to remember how to perform a conversion.  I knew how to do it in C++/MFC, but couldn’t remember the C# syntax. This one gets added to my favorites. The … Continue reading 

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Digging into MSMQ again.

I’m sitting in a meeting digging through details of connecting supply chain pieces.  Since we have a requirement for guaranteed message delivery without some sort of ACK, MSMQ fits in nicely here. MS has put together an MSMQ Best Practices … Continue reading 

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dotMath Expression Compiler project opening on SourceForge

The dotMath project now has a space on SourceForge at I applied for the space and now it is apparently ready to roll.  I have just placed a posting on the message board to get things started.  Next step … Continue reading 

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Interview of classic game developer Howard Scott Warshaw

GameInformer magazine ran an interview of Howard Scott Shaw (creator of Yar’s Revenge, Raiders of the Lost Ark and E.T.).  It’s a fascinating article and I hope they post it on their site. I thought the best out-take from the … Continue reading 

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dotMath project hosting

I went out to to grab the name, but someone in the Seattle area has registered it already.  I would need to find a site to host it, but I want to get a name down anyway. I’m a little … Continue reading 

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Introducing dotMath…

I’ve created a math compiler written entirely in C# called dotMath.  I’m thinking about releasing it under GPL, I’m in the process of seeing how to release it and the associated pro’s and con’s.  I’d love to find someone who has … Continue reading 

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Improving .NET Speed and Scalability article now available

I’ve spent a chunk of my weekend reading the Improving .NET Speed and Scalability article.  There’s quite a bit of useful info here,  I originally read about at the MSDN .NET Framework Developer Center‘s RSS feed.  I saw this morning that … Continue reading 

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