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Multiple IIS/Web apps installed on same server -or- Stop Peeing in My Cheerios!

The company I work for sells a shrink-wrapped webserver/sql server application.  I’ve worked with a couple customers who are having performance problems with our application and it amazes me all the other IIS applications they have running on the same box.  … Continue reading 

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Easter Egg apps?

I’m toying around with a graphical game app I wrote a couple years ago in VB.  The game is sort of a tetris/bubble-style game and everyone I’ve given the game to gets caught up in it.  I’ve resurrected the app … Continue reading 

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New book (to me) – Managed DirectX 9 Kick Start

The book Managed DirectX 9 Kick Start: Graphics and Game Programming by Tom Miller showed up yesterday.  This is really a fun read for me, I won’t be using DirectX in my current position – it’s just something I’ve wanted … Continue reading 

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Creating a database during a setup application

Has anyone performed the creation of a SQL Server 2000 database during a .msi setup (created using Visual Studio .NET)?  If so, did you role your own installer add-on or use someone elses? What product did you use?

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random thoughts on wikis replacing newsgroups

I think we’re starting to see wikis encroach on newsgroup territory, but some development of these types of wikis need work. Newsgroups are so 90’s I’ve always found newsgroups to be disjointed, difficult to search and post followup is sketchy at best.  … Continue reading 

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The changing landscape – relating a Don Box post about training

Don Box blogged about getting together with Martin Gudgin and Ted Pattison recently.  In the post, he talks about the changed landscape in the training arena – how training has become commoditized, platform vendors are driving information and what he calls … Continue reading 

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10 Tools for .Net Developers

Here’s an article from the latest MSDN magazine – I’ve been waiting for the web publication.  The article is titled “Ten Must-Have Tools Every Developer Should Download Now” by James Avery.  He lists a nice range of tools and it’s … Continue reading 

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Nice SQL Server – App Dev Article

Here’s a nice article by Roman Rehak in Visual Studio magazine listing 10 things to consider when writing SQL Server applications.  He lists some good common sense considerations and approaches here.

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SDTimes article – McNealy takes another beating

SDTimes has an article asking “Is Sun Toast?”  I think it’s interesting for the press to finally be seeing Sun as out-of-sync with their chosen markets.  Or as the management-speak in the article states – “they have deep structural conflicts … Continue reading 

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Development is fun once again

I’ve had this feeling over the past couple months, and I’m just getting to the point of writing it down.  I was talking to a friend I worked with on a project back in ’97 and it struck a chord … Continue reading 

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