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I’ve been Coffee’d – and – what is your Processor Index?

I just got a couple replies to my blog entry titled “Customizing CE – a different look at Peter Coffee’s recent article“ from Peter Coffee himself.   I’ve been a subscriber to eWeek for 6+ years and I subscribe to his articles via … Continue reading 

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new to me – wireless broadband at home

The wireless broadband installer came this morning and installed the powered antenna on the roof today.  I now have internet access at home after moving (this was a long 5 days without access).  The service is called Nomad Internet Service … Continue reading 

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RFID article – Current implementation issues

I found an article titled “RFID Raises Serious Data Issues” in Database Trends and Applications trade journal.  The fact that there are serious data issues within traditional ERP systems is far from a revelation, but the rest of the article … Continue reading 

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Customizing CE – a different look at Peter Coffee’s recent article

I read Peter Coffee’s eWeek article titled “Fine-Tuned to a Fault?” with interest today.  Coffee takes a jab at Microsoft’s opening of the CE source-code and their encouraging of hardware builders to customize the OS.  He contrasts this strategy with Sun’s JavaME … Continue reading 

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Note To Self: Ghosting and drive fragmentation

I’m blogging this for future reference… We have several new laptops at work going out to our people in the field.  Since we’re doing quite a few of these, we got our ASP.NET app running on one system and then we’re ghosting … Continue reading 

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Panel Discussion on SQL Server 2005

FTP has put the panel discussion about SQL Server 2005 online.  The discussion swerves to SOA/Webservice and I enjoyed Rocky Lohtka’s take on it.  I couldn’t agree more.

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Judge Kollar-Kotelly making news again

Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly who brought some order to the Microsoft case is making news on the campaign finance front.  She apparently struck down a large number of rules on campaign financing over the weekend and everyone is scrambling to figure out what … Continue reading 

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Cool code – Rss Feeds from the Windows Event log

I was looking at Greg Reinaker’s weblog today and came across this page of pretty cool code.  One code bit supports viewing the Windows Event Log as an Rss Feed.  Greg authored NewsGator – they are actually looking for a … Continue reading 

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Posting to an HTTPS blog with basic authentication turned on

 I’m attempting to post to my internal blog using NewGator and SauceReader.  This blog runs over https with basic authentication turned on.  Unfortunately, the SauceReader posting tool for .Text assumes an http:// prefix.  With SauceReader out, I’m looking at NewsGator … Continue reading 

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article- return of the users from hell

Here’s a funny article on users by David Poole. I like the ‘Post Turtle Manager’ description.

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