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Joel Spolsky Conversation on Thursday

I just got an invite to Joel Spolsky’s talk on usability and social interface design.  I’m looking forward to this one.

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off-topic: nastalga alert – Commodore 64 in a joystick game

I read about a company building a commodore 64 in a joystick with ~30 games back in June.  It turns out – according to slashdot – that QVC has bought up some 250,000 of these units to exclusively sell them.  … Continue reading 

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If you won the lottery, what kind of programming would you do?

I was reading Steve Eichert’s blog entry asking “if you had it to do all over again would you go into computers?“  Then I started thinking, if you won the lottery what kind of programming would you do? I’d probably make … Continue reading 

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Effective OLAP/Analysis Services Books

I’ve picked up a couple books on Analysis Services including the ‘MDX Solutions’ book by George Spofford.  While I’m happy with these books, I’m really looking for something different, but I’m not sure how to quantify it. Back in ’92, … Continue reading 

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MS Whitepaper on CLR Integration with SQL 2k5

Microsoft now has the “Using CLR Integration in SQL Server 2005” whitepaper on their site.  This is a good read and discusses the operational differences between T-SQL and managed code in the SQL Server environment

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Integrating database upgrades into project distribution

My next step in refining our build process is incorporating the database upgrade script into our msi distribution.  I’ve got the code that selects 1..n servers/databases and performs the upgrade. Next, I need to create a build function that encrypts and … Continue reading 

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Building a database script using NAnt – supporting source code

I had a couple of requests for the code I used to build my sql script on the fly in conjunction with NAntContrib (blogged about it here).  Before I show the code, my next refactoring would include (1) creating a ProcessState … Continue reading 

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I finally have FireFox running flawlessly

I ran into a problem with FireFox about a month ago where I’d get an error popping up regularly saying: “The procedure entry point ??0NS_ConvertUTF16toUTF8@@QAE in xpcom.dll not found.” The problem persisted with the 1.0 release. I finally found a … Continue reading 

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NAnt-ing my database build

I finished the process of performing my database build using NAnt (actually NAntContrib).  I dusted off an old class library I used with a .Net plug-in I built for automating the database build and modified it so it could handle … Continue reading 

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SQL Service Broker

I started lookin at the SQL Service Broker last night after reading John Lam’s blog entry on the topic.  This looks really cool as it provides guaranteed messaging between SQL Server Instances.  I wouldn’t be surprised if it goes beyond … Continue reading 

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