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Stepping back into the daylight…

It’s been over a week since I last blogged, I’ve been heads-down in a piece of code.   Using the Intersoft WebGrid.NET, I needed the ability to make context-sensitive menus available based on the column that has been right-clicked and pass … Continue reading 

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I am HP-UX?

I was reading Mike Hall’s blog over lunch and found his link to a “Which O/S are you?“ survey.  I took the survey and the site say’s I’m HP-UX… Well, could be worse.  I could have been Windows ME. I wonder … Continue reading 

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Automated builds complete

Our automated build process is complete (I’ve been blogging about the process over the past several weeks).  I thought I’d take a minute to blog a few of the bits I learned along the way.  For a short history, I … Continue reading 

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Changing course on NAnt

I’ve been blogging about using NAnt in my spare time to get software builds fully automated at work. I ran into a product today that changed my approach. Today I ran into Mike Gunderloy’s posting that Visual Build Professional 5.6 is available … Continue reading 

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Spolsky’s talk at SDMagazine

I listened to Spolsky’s talk on “community” style interfaces  at SDMagazine where he discussed products like IM, usenet, etc..  He had some interesting usenet history and how the interface has been carried forward (unfortunately) in other applications. I enjoyed the talk and … Continue reading 

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Nice NAnt introductory article

As I’m working on my NAnt implementation, I came across Eric Desch’s article published on the 4 Guys From Rolla site titled “A Brief Introduction to NAnt”.  He does a very nice job of providing an introduction to NAnt along with … Continue reading 

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Note to SEC: Please require a Lawyer-to-Engineer ratio on publicly traded company disclosures

I was reading Steve Eichert’s blog entry titled “Way to go Sun” where sun is aggressively taking down websites that are supporting the java community.  It seems that some companies hit a phase where they have more lawyers than engineers … Continue reading 

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