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Moving .Math source

I’m moving the .Math library from the GotDotNet servers to SourceForge.  The server responsiveness and now repeated errors in getting to the old site has prompted the change.  I’m still happy with my decision to host the documentation on my … Continue reading 

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A very nice write-up on IIS Compression

I just went digging for IIS compression details and found the following article.  The article makes mention of the Port80 Software Blog… subscribed.  

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The Revolt of the Corporate Consumer – now freely available!

David Bank, the author of “The Revolt of the Corporate Consumer” that I blogged about here, sent me the following URL to his article made freely available by the Wall Street Journal.  David took the time to talk to the people controlling the content servers and they … Continue reading 

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“The Revolt of the Corporate Consumer” article

(Authors Note:  I’d like to thank David Bank and the people at the Wall Street Journal for sending me the URL to a version of his article that’s available to non-WSJ-subscribers. I’ve modified the link accordingly.) “The Revolt of the … Continue reading 

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friday post: article on the “Commodore 64 Joystick” designer

I read an interesting article on CNet today about the designer of the Commodore 64 Joystick game sold on QVC – Jeri Ellsworth.  It turns out Jeri started with the Commodore 64 back in the 80s and the story follows … Continue reading 

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detecting SQL traces and fun with encryption

I’m putting together a sql update script execution application and one concern is that someone could grab the script during execution by having a sql trace running.  After checking out the sql server documentation, I came across the following select statement: … Continue reading 

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