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Whatever happened to IMDB?

During the time of the Windows 2000 launch, Microsoft was pushing the IMDB (InMemory DataBase) feature as a built-in Windows 2000 component, but it got dropped on the way to market.  Anyone have any idea what happened to this product?  … Continue reading 

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Multi-threaded development and Petri nets article

Every couple of years I go looking for this article by Ruedigger Ashe on MSDN about detecting the possibility of deadlocks within a multithreaded application.  The article, published in 1994, really applies to any concurrent locking application (i.e. database apps) … Continue reading 

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Trying out DevPartner SecurityChecker

I’m getting a trial version of the DevPartner SecurityChecker application by Compuware.  I’ve previously blogged some bits about using DevPartner Studio on our applications and I’ve really found the tool invaluable in a number of ways – both as a … Continue reading 

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Using internal blogs – an update

I’ve blogged some time back about using blogs internally within our company.  We’ve used these blogs internally to capture info, describe problems/fixes and share articles.  Since we’ve been using the Intersoft WebGrid.NET component, I’ve created a light wrapper around the control … Continue reading 

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My New Quest – Creating a dynamic javascript reference that refreshes once and is cached at the client

For my ASP.NET based application, I have a sizable amount of javascript that needs to be downloaded to the browser on each page.  This javascript code is user-specific. I want to minimize the amount of code downloaded to the browser … Continue reading 

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Blog overhead – categorizing posts

With my move to, I’m rethinking my posting categories.  Thanks to the .text skin with category tabs, I’m putting my ‘holy-grail-quest’ blog topics into categories.  I’m not sure if this is the right approach or not, but the more I think about it, … Continue reading 

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Column Aggregates not persisted between postbacks in Intersoft’s product.

The Intersoft WebGrid.NET product does not persist the AggregateFunction setting on the column between postbacks.  Therefore, the first time you configure the grid it will work, but after subsequent postbacks it will no longer work. Given a form where “complete_qty“ is being … Continue reading 

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Bug Tracking web software

We’ve been using elementool for bug tracking at work for the few years and we’re pretty happy with it.  Run entirely remotely, the product works well for our environment with implementers routinely on the road.   We started by using their … Continue reading 

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