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House Project Links

This article is non-development related.  Below is a list of links I like to keep handing in doing projects around the house… Installing Vinyl Rain Gutters Installing Retaining Walls  

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CLR/SqlServer Integration editorial on SSWUG

Joe Celko has an editorial on CLR integration with Sql Server 2005 on the SSWUG site titled “CLR: Threat or Menace“. On one hand, I absolutely agree with Mr. Celko on the fact that a bad developer will bring the … Continue reading 

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design pattern search

I’ve been looking for a design pattern, but I’m not seeing it yet.  Given an application where application state is fully contained in memory, the database is merely a stateserver for restore purposes and integration with the application is handled … Continue reading 

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Time limit testing with NUnit

Here is a series of classes I use to test elapsed times within NUnit test.  While I use these functions very rarely, they come in handy when necessary.  This gives me the ability to directly monitor performance changes caused by … Continue reading 

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WebGrid.Net and working with OnTheFlyPostback

This post relates to using the Intersoft WebGrid.Net grid object.  This web-based grid is extremely flexible, but currently requires Internet Explorer to run.  Intersoft is in the process of rolling out their products to support the Gecko engine.  I’m blogging … Continue reading 

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Non-code post: Microsoft to Buy Groove Networks

I just read on the Wall Street Journal that Microsoft has announced it’s buying Groove Networks.  I thought Microsoft was trying to build their own competing product.  I only blog this because I had a run-in with Groove’s marketing department back … Continue reading 

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SQL Server 2000 Self-Tuning – Myth or Reality?

Here’s a question that’s bothered me for a long time.  I remember hearing from marketing types and even Microsoft partners early in the SQL 2000 product cycle that the product is self tuning.  I distinctly remember a situation thrown around with DBA … Continue reading 

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Protecting SQL script execution from SQL TRACE peeking (MSSQL 2000)

I’ve run into a situation where I want to prevent a SQL TRACE from capturing my SQL script execution.  Encryption/decryption of the script is a separate process not discussed here. I’m checking the trace status of SQL server after every … Continue reading 

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DHTML Lemmings game

Here’s a DHTML Lemmings game. I remember when this game was a compelling reason to buy a Commodore Amiga.  

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Recycling the ASP.NET worker process at set intervals

Many ASP.NET developers are not aware of the ability to restart the ASP.NET worker process at given intervals in code.  While IIS6.0 makes a number of these features available through the UI, most of the features can be used in … Continue reading 

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